Muriel Meyer Chemenska and Daniel Schmitt

Métapraxis is an agency dedicated to museography and interpretative resources in all their forms and at all stages of the museography process: preliminary research, museography planning and design, creation of interpretative resources, ICTs, museography project management and client assistance.

The agency has a strong culture. It undertakes projects worldwide and, for each project, it puts together a specific team qualified to handle the requirements and constraints involved. Muriel Meyer Chemenska takes personal responsibility for the management and successful conclusion of all services the agency offers.

Muriel Meyer Chemenska

Muriel Meyer Chemenska is a museography expert and project manager. She holds a degree in Civilisation from the University of Paris VII and is a member of both the SACD (the French Society of Authors and Dramatic Works) and the SCAM (Civil Society of Multimedia Authors). Since 1990, Muriel has been creating museography programmes, visitor scenarios, designing museography and interpretative resources, assisting clients and exhibition commissioners and providing artistic direction and project management for permanent and temporary exhibitions. She is a highly versatile, experienced, and conscientious consultant who is very much in demand with our Clients.

Daniel Schmitt

Daniel Schmitt holds a PhD in Scientific Communication from Strasbourg University and he is gradued from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière. Over a period of more than 20 years he has managed a large number of museum and exhibition projects whilst researching interpretative resources for museums. He is also a researcher at University of Strasbourg and assistant professor at the University Institute of Technology IUT de Saint Dié – University of Lorraine.