Métapraxis, museography and mediation

La Casa del Alabado, Museum of Pre-Columbian art, Quito, Equateur

Métapraxis is an agency specialising in museography and museum mediation. Although not identified as such, museography is an ancient practice, contemporaneous to the act of displaying a work of art with the intention that it should be viewed by the public. Museography is also a recent professional activity related to the development of cultural customs and digital technology.

At Métapraxis, we conceive museography to be a practice aimed at constructing relationships of meaning between the objects and spaces viewed by visitors. Museum visitors, with their own backgrounds and expectations, are our horizon, our point of departure and point of arrival in creating museums spaces.

If the museum is a medium, it is so in a new sense that stretches from mediation to the visitor experience. Instead of simply increasing the use of new communication tools without questioning their purpose, we encourage experiences that invite visitors to recognize the cues, question themselves, and explore new paths that respond to their own unique and individual expectations. These are the experiences that build knowledge from the point of view of the visitor.

In addition, museography finds legitimacy, not in the technical specialty that brings to architecture, but in the very nature of the relationship that it creates between objects and visitors, especially those coming in large numbers. This relationship is important in terms of informing and sharing the complexity of a work of art, an object, an idea, its connections, history, teaching, and ultimately, its lasting imprint on the whole of the human race.

Pôle international de la Préhistoire, les Eyzies-de-Tayac, Dordogne