What we do

If the aim of museography is to create a unique experience between a person and an object in a dedicated space, the primary, fundamental role of the museographer is to work with the team of experts to create a physical and cognitive itinerary which makes sense. This sense, or meaning, which is derived from both the collections and the texts written by the experts, confers a legitimacy and authority on the collection and the space. The precise aim is then to develop the resources to convey this meaning to the visitors, regardless of their common knowledge and points of reference.

To this end, the museographer works closely with the Steering Committee and the Committee of Experts to establish the exhibition concept, negotiating its meaning, the visit scenario and the programme together with the associated narrative elements and events. The task of the museographer is to incorporate the Expert’s Cultural Programme into the space and to structure the storyline, themes and the collections around the museography devices and areas.

– Museography assistance for the Client

In this capacity, we advise and assist the client with the implementation of all stages of the project. The most common tasks we undertake include: helping to draft the Expert’s Cultural and Touristic Programme, establishing a museography programme, scoping and feasibility studies for the museography project, technical recommendations and assistance with contracting, supervision assistance at the study and implementation stage.

– Museography Project Management

As museography Project Manager we take charge of all stages of the museography design and implementation: visit scenario, design of the museography space, mechanisms and furniture, the lighting and the interpretative resources, deciding on the broadcasting technologies to be used, the project budget, drafting the Technical Specifications, artistic direction and supervision, acceptance of the completed installation (museography and medias).

– Design of interpretative resources for museums

We devise a scenario incorporating the films, multi-media programmes, original sound tracks, the hands-on resources and museum installations. We write the scripts for the museography media for which we then take charge of the artistic direction and production.